Using the finest materials to create a superior product and a superior world. That’s true luxury.


We take great care is ensuring our items are made with the finest materials. For us that means materials that are not only great for wear but also great for our world. The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions—largely due to the amount of waste it produces. It is the second largest polluter of clean water on the globe, after agriculture.
Our denim is assembled with an innovative blend of natural fibers—allowing us to produce it with 95% less water and toxic compounds than traditional denim. 
But the reduction in waste is not the only benefit to using these innovative fibers. 
They result in a much superior product.

Eucalyptus Fibers

The fibers from the eucalyptus tree is considered one of the most sustainable materials for fabric. Sometimes referred to as the holy-grail of fabrics. Wood from sustainably harvested tree farms is turned into pulp which is then assembled into fibers which can then be woven. Over 99% of the non-toxic NMMO solvent used throughout the process is recovered and reused—leaving behind virtually no waste.
Besides the environmental benefit of using eucalyptus fiber, it has incredible properties that make it a higher-grade material for apparel. 
Superior breathability compared to synthetic fibers.
It’s softer than silk.
Its thermoregulating property keeps you cool during the heat and warm during the cold.
Resistant to wrinkling.

Bamboo Fibers

Bamboo is another fiber that like eucalyptus—is made from the pulp of wood. Is has all of the benefits of eucalyptus while also providing antibacterial properties to the fabric. This is ideal to allow to denim to be less prone to odor and stains. 
Reducing the amount of washing necessary = less water usage. 


Almost all traditional denims are dyed with indigo that contains aniline which locks onto the indigo pigment during the traditional dyeing process and cannot be washed off. Studies show aniline can be toxic to humans and aquatic life—causing skin allergies and potential damage to major organs. 
We use an innovative indigo formulation to dye our denim — 100% aniline free. 
Our indigo has all of the following certifications.
  • GOTS
  • ToxFMD Program
  • Bluesign®