Qurashi Photoshoot in LA! *Behind The Scenes*

Qurashi Jeans Photoshoot in LA! *Behind The Scenes*

Qurashi Photoshoot in LA sneak peak

Going to LA and getting ready! 

We were super excited to be able to shoot our jeans for the first time! Our team went to Los Angeles to shoot our jeans campaign.
Of course everything doesn't go as planned! With delays in shipping our sample jeans to the photoshoot location, we figured things out and were finally ready to shoot our jeans! 
It's been a long journey of design, working with vendors around the world, fit testing, and making sure our jeans are at the high standards we expect.
We finally arrived in LA ready for the big day! 

Our awesome photoshoot team!

Our team hired the Los Angeles based photographer Mike Azaria (@mikeazria) and the awesome model Thais D'Lima (@thaisdlima1).

Thais is based in Los Angeles but is originally from Brazil. She had that fierce/elegant look and personality we wanted to help tell our story. We really felt she brought out what Qurashi wanted to represent and to tell our story.  

Qurashi Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Hair and Makeup! 

When we saw Thais's instagram, we immediately fell in love with her photos with her hair slicked back. It gave her an extra fierce and confident look we fell in love with. 

For makeup, we went with a natural look. Thais looked flawless!

Once hair and makeup was done, it was finally time for the style the clothes, and start the photoshoot! 

Qurashi Hair Slicked Back

The photoshoot! 

Our photographer, Mike, has the studio in downtown Los Angeles. We decided early on we wanted to tell a story with color instead of muted tones. We wanted Qurashi to use some color to create a more interesting story. 

Our locations for the day included the studio, the warehouse, and the rooftop. 

Mike and Thais was amazing to work with! Thais's posing was AMAZING and gave us sooo many different ways to tell our story for the jeans with aura pockets.

We were getting excited how a small idea and months of design was coming to life with their help!  

We wanted to highlight the 'aura' pockets and Thais did an amazing job of showing everything including the fit and pockets. 

Qurashi Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Blazer

Wrapping up! 

After a long day we were done with our photoshoot! It was an amazing process and being able to work with amazing people like Mike and Thais made everything so much easier. 

Now that the photoshoot was done, it was time to leave LA, start editing, and getting those pics up on the website! 

We couldn't have done this with our the team so thank you to everyone involved. It's one step in the journey and it was amazing to work with everyone. 

Looks out for our next blog about how we editing and got all our photos to our site and planning our instagram!